Telling stories is something we have done for years. As technology has grown and changed over the years, so has the way we have told a story that’s from our local area, somewhere else in the country or somewhere else in the world.

For radio stories, they don’t usually go for that long because of time constraints and the person telling the news also has other news to report on as well. As news stories are generally done once an hour there is a small chance of an update on a story but it would depend on the story and how important it is.

With print stories, they can vary a little bit in length depending on the topic and how much information is being included in the story. Depending on the story, it can take up most of a page or go over two pages and includes photographs. Sometimes the story can go for a couple of sentences if it isn’t a big story or it’s just updating on a story that has already happened. With print stories, depending on the paper, generally come out once a day and are often stories from the day before with a few stories relating to something that is going to happen that day. There are some local papers that printed once or twice a week and the stories will talk talk about something that has happened recently, that’s currently going on or is coming up in the near future for that area. Like radio, print stories have a word limit and you have to include the most important information, regarding to the story, in the word limit so that the reader is able to understand what’s going on.

For online stories can be a little similar to print stories, in terms of length and having photos included with the stories. Although there are a few stories don’t include a photo. There are times when there is a news video attached to the story if the video relates to the story as well.  The good thing with online stories is that they can be updated constantly through out the day, allowing people to keep updated with what’s happening with a story as well as finding out what’s happening overseas. People are also able to share stories that are found online as well. For example, a celebrities death over in America, if it’s written about online overseas, that story is going to make it’s way overseas and people in countries like Australia and England are then able to report on that death. People are also able to interact with the stories as well. If the website allows people to comment, people are able to comment on it. Much like radio and print, online stories would have some sort of word length.

Video stories are slightly different to some degree. With news stories, you are able to tell the story visually, where it happened and show the viewers what possibly happened afterwards. Like the radio and written stories, video stories have a time limit. The time limit can vary a little bit from 2-3minutes or a bit longer depending on the story. Depending on the news show, there may or may not be some sort discussion regarding to the story. The Project would be an example of a show that discusses the news.