While journalism isn’t my strong point, I’ve found it good to learn and it’s also good to hear from those who are in the industry. Visiting Sky News was really good for me as Media Arts Production major student and hearing from Ian Ferguson during the tour was really good in terms of jobs and what was happening with certain jobs.

Ian Ferguson was telling us that television (TV) news has shifted its focus to add value to news rather than present ‘breaking news’ as most people would be aware of what’s going on due to social media.

When we arrived at Sky News, we saw that there were three guys doing a live report on the stock market, see photo above. It was interesting to see that there was no one on camera while the guys were doing the report and talking to someone who wasn’t in the studio. It probably helped that they weren’t moving around much. It was also interesting to see them doing a live cross with someone else as well. A similar thing was happening with a female presenter.


After being introduced to Ian, we headed into the news room where journalists were sitting at desks doing research and putting scripts together. There were producers/other crew members in control rooms watching what was going to air on all Sky’s associated channels as well as making sure everything was okay with the show they were producing.



I liked how a female news anchor was researching update information on story she was presenting. She was doing this because she was between live broadcasts. It was interesting how she was able to communicate with some crew members in a control with an ear piece and microphone that she had. It was also interesting to see that there was no one manning the camera. We were told that the producers were able to control the cameras from the control room. I found it slightly concerning as I’m a Media Arts Production student and there is generally a lot of people involved with filming a show or a film. Thinking that these kinds of jobs would be lost is a horrible thought. It does also depend on the show and network and what shots are needed from the different cameras as the producer/director of a show does need to focus on the show when the show is on air.


We soon got to see how the weather was presented which was done in another building at Sky News. It was interesting to see how they did the weather report in the studio. It was interesting to find out that the weather was presented mostly from memory and ad lib. There were some notes around as well that related to important weather changes. It was also helpful that the weather reporter had a TV nearby so that they were able to see where they needed to point to when mentioning the different cities etc.


After the tour finished, we went to a board room, above where the weather reports are done, and we had to opportunity to ask Ian some question. Ian did tell us to show some initiative when are doing research for stories or doing internships as well as when we are writing an application for a job as we are more likely to stand out.

Overall, the day was informative and gave me some insight as to what does happen in a TV studio. The information that we were given by Ian was helpful whether we were wanting to get into journalism as  career or some other career.

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