For a while now, Higher Education has been a bit of an issue for both students and the Australian Government. The still photo, used as the video thumb nail, was captured during  the protests after the Federal Government budgets cuts to Higher Education back in 2014. It was obvious at the time, that students didn’t want universities setting their own fees for courses in fear of the courses being ‘too expensive’.

In late 2015, Labor’s 2013-14 Budget Savings Bill was passes after the Liberal Party had amended it. A couple of things included in the Bill is that the amendments introduce a limit of two loans per year of equivalent value to the student start-up scholarship (currently $1,025 each and to be indexed from 1 January 2017). As well as removing the up-front payment discount, which is 10%, and the removal of the voluntary repayment bonus, which is 5%.

With the story, I have tried to keep it on even grounds by finding out as much facts as I can and referring to the bill that was passed back in December 2015. Mainly because there are some people who don’t fully understand the situation or don’t know about what’s happening in regards to the situation that could possibly affect them, other students or future students.

For further details on the cuts please refer to the bill which is available on the link below.;fileType=application%2Fpdf

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