With the recent budget recently announced on May 3rd. Channel 9’s ‘Today’ show did a bit of a live report on the budget the morning after. The hosts were outside Parliament house doing the show. Karl Stefanovic did a ‘live’ cross to Malcolm Turnbull who also happened to be outside Parliament house but in a different spot to where Karl was but they both seemed to be out the front of Parliament house.

It was easy to tell that they were both out the front of Parliament house by the background but slightly different angles. I’m not sure why the ‘Today’ show hosts decided to do this when they were both out the front of Parliament house. Although the lighting in Karl’s shot is different to Malcolm Turnbull’s shot. Where as the lighting in Malcolm’s shot looks much better and that he is under shade or something.

Some of the images used in the story includes shots of Scott Morrison who was the one who released the budget, as he is Treasurer. The couple of shots that were used were Scott Morrison walk towards Parliament house as well as a couple of different shots of Scott talking to the Press. There were different logos used as well. There was the ‘Today’ show logo used both in the bottom left hand corner as well as the top right hand corner when Turnbull’s shots were up. There was also the ‘titles’ down the bottom when Malcolm Turnbull’s shots were up that had ‘Election budget’, ‘budget 2016’, live, ‘PM expected to call double dissolution election this week’.

There didn’t seem to be much of a script that either of them were going off. Karl did have a list of questions that he was probably going from. The story does seem balanced a bit as Karl doesn’t seem to be going left-winged or right-winged with the nearly 6 minute clip. But it’s hard to tell as it doesn’t show the full story. The story does have some sort impact on the audience as the budget is doing to affect people in different areas, which includes tax and Higher Education. The news story also tells the audience that there is going to be an election on July 2 and that it will be confirmed before May 11th.