In our week 11 class of Digital Journalism Production, we got the chance to read off an auto-cue. For this, we had to each write something that was to do with our first news story or our second news story. The good with reading off the auto-cue is that it is able to give you experience and see how difficult it can be to read off one. Those who read off auto-cues, like the TV show host, morning news reporters or evening news reporters, have years of experience with reading auto-cues and probably had some trouble when they were first reading off an auto-cue.

When we read off the auto-cue, we were in front of a black wall in a somewhat small room looking at the camera that has the auto-cue, and there was a small room that can fit up to a few other people in it and making sure that the person reading off the auto cue sounds okay etc.

As I am also doing TV Production this semester, we also had a chance to read off an auto cue earlier in the semester. When I was reading the auto-cue in TV Production, we were doing in front of the whole class and some one was controlling the teleprompter/auto-cue that the person in front of camera is reading. This was because we were in the TV studio that is on campus. In Digital Journalism, it was a completely different situation as we were in a room where some POD casts are done for some of the units at WSU, and there is a smaller number of people watching and the person reading the auto-cue gets to control the auto-cue with a remote.