When it comes to any sort of publication, whether it is a magazine or newspaper, it is good to have a physical copy of it to read but sometimes it is easier to get information regarding the magazine or newspaper off the Internet. This is because we leave in a day and age where you get just about any sort of information off the Internet. I decided to look at the TV Soap Magazine in terms of having a website so that people can get access to some of the latest information regarding TV Shows.

The website would contain stories from some of the following TV Shows:

  • Neighbours
  • Home and Away
  • Days of Our Lives
  • Young and the Restless
  • Bold and the Beautiful

The website would also contain interviews from the different TV shows including Olympia Valance, who stars as Paige Smith from Australia’s longest running TV Soap Opera, Neighbours.

The website would also include any possible events relating to the different shows, including Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition and meet and greets with the Neigbhours actors. As there have been a few times where the actors have gone to somewhere in Sydney and done some signings with fans of the show.

Stories with actors who are starring in a movie that is coming out or has just been released and the actor also stars in a TV Series. This includes someone like Ginnfer Goodwin who stars in the show Once Upon A Time and is the voice of Judy Hopps in Zootopia.

Inside information from actors on how they keep fit or how they deal with acne and what beauty tips they have and what works for them with keeping the skin looking healthy. Some fun facts about some of our favourite actors so that we can get to know them a little better.

Having a bit of TV Guide for some of the shows and what sort of things will be happening in each episode for the coming week or so. Major storylines that maybe coming up in the next month or two. Guest characters that are going to appear as well as characters that maybe returning or leaving. Share some behind the scenes stuff, as Neighbours uploads behind the scenes videos onto their Youtube account. TV Soap could also link any behind the scenes photos or some screenshots from episodes for the upcoming week’s episodes of a TV show, such as Neighbours.

Some interesting movies that maybe coming out. Competitions that people could enter, as well as previous competition winners.

A contact page, so that viewers are able to contact the magazine. And finally a sitemap so that people can have a little bit more help finding something if they are unsure of where to find something.

The website that is currently available does seem out dated and unused as well. They seem to have a limited number of archives for the magazine, with the oldest one being from December 2009 and the latest one from November 2014. It seems that they don’t really care about their website. TV Soap doesn’t appear to have a social media platform either. There is no Facebook page and no Twitter account. Which can be really bad, as having social media platforms is a good way to interact with those who read the magazine and as well as getting feedback from them.