Recently, Journalism student from Western Sydney University got to hear from ABC Journalist Connie Agius, a former WSU student, and ABC Training Manager, Paula Kruger. Students, from both the Penrith and Parramatta Campus of Western Sydney University, got to listen to Connie and Paula talk about how they got into Journalist as well as giving advice to the Journalism students.

It was great hearing from two professionals like Connie Agius and Paula Kruger, as they do have very different experiences in the journalism field. It was also interesting how Connie got her experience up, as well as using social media to talk to her potential boss and not giving on a job that she wanted. She did say that this was a good way to show future employers that you are able to use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This sort of thing of wouldn’t have happened about 10 years ago, when social media sites were still fairly new. All in all, it was good to see how far Connie has gone since she was at Western Sydney University. Not only does it show Western Sydney University that they can get somewhere but it shows that Western Sydney University does produce some really good graduates who can end up anywhere.

One the other hand, Paula Kruger had built up her career a completely different way. Paula talked about she went over to Thailand and worked there for four years. She told how she began her broadcasting career by working in Bangkok as a radio presenter. When she came back, she continued getting some experience up in broadcasting. She also talked about how she was a TV and radio reporter in both Sydney and Canberra before going to the ABC as a cadet in 1999. She did mention how that she was older than most of the other cadets at the time, due to the fact that she was 27, and she thought she had no chance of getting the cadetship. She has since worked her way to being the Training Manager at ABC News.

During the last part of the talk, Paula and Connie talked to the students about looking for internships and jobs. They did encourage the Western Sydney University students to apply for an internship at a radio station. It was also good to hear from two women who are in the journalism area that does seem to have more women in that media area compared to some other media jobs like film or TV crew roles.