Choose 1 News story. In pairs, students analyze how that story has been covered on TWO online news sites, and on Social Media.

The story I looked at was Hulk Hogan winning a court case after suing Gawker for releasing a sex tape back in 2012. I found the story on 9news, The Daily Telegraph and on Facebook.

What I found strong is that the article on the 9news site said that he [Hulk Hogan] had won $150 million where as the articles shown on Facebook and the article on the Daily Telegraph are saying he only won $115 million in damage. The 9news did seem to get one fact right and that Hulk won the case against Gawker, whom published the tape with Hogan’s knowledge or permission. Another mistake made in the 9news articles, is that they [9news] claim Hogan sued Gawker for $134million. From the articles on Facebook and The Daily Telegraph are saying that he [Hogan] sued the company for $100million and was then awarded $115million rather than the $150million 9news are claiming he got.

I find it really weird that a news site like 9news has gotten some important information wrong in terms of how much he actually sued for and how much he was actually sued the company for and how much he was actually awarded by the judge.

I did find that the 9news article of the story is shorter than the Daily Telegraph article. 9news does include some ‘important’ details regarding the case and does include a quote from Hulk Hogan, a photo and a video story on the case, that is featured before the written story. With the Daily Telegraph version of the story, it is much longer and goes into a bit more detail and has more quotes throughout the story. There are also more pictures throughout the story as well and there is a video included at the end of the article for anyone who wants just a quick over of the situation.

Take for instance, this story from the Herald Sun, which tells of how The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald wrongly labelled a teenager a terrorist back in 2014. This is because the journalists from both The Age and SMH simply did not check the correct identity of the person before going to print. Which is why journalist need to verify information and identities of people in photographs, if they get the photos from someone’s Facebook page or some other social media site. As it can cause some backlash for the newspaper.

From this, it is important as journalist to actually double check information before it gets published online, in the newspaper or goes to air for the 6 o’clock news. As there has been times in the past were journalists have not double checked the information they have gotten and has resulted in consequences for the journalist and there being some sort of issues for the person/s they [the journalist] wrote about.  For 9news, it makes them look a little bit unprofessional as they have different information to other news sites and makes one wonder were they got their information from.