Choose 1 online News site – SMH, News, ABC, SkyNews, CNN, BBC World, FOX News etc. In pairs, students analyse news site for its strengths and weaknesses in presenting news. Also, re-Tweet 2 news stories you deem strong.


When it comes to news websites there can be good and bad things about the site. I looked at the Sydney Morning Hearld (SMH) website to see what its strengths and weaknesses in presenting news on their website.

One strength I did find with the Sydney Morning Hearld website , is that they do have icons to indicate whether or not people have commented on the article. There are also icons to indicate if the article has a video or not. Another strength I found on the SMH website is that they some different links to some of the latest news that is happening around the world as well as some sport links. The website does show what the current tempreature is in your capital city. At the top of the page the SMH does have links to different areas of the website including News, sports, buisness, politics. The site does show that people are able to access the site via their phones or their tablets. As you go down the page, you are able to see the different sections such as state, national, world and with each section there are a selection of top stories and recent stories for each section. Another strength I found with the SMH website is that is updated constantly so that people are able to catch up some of the latest news during their coffee or lunch break at work.

Like any other website, SMH does have some weaknesses. One weakness I found was that sometimes a story can be just or it could just be a video until you click on it. There is the odd ocassion when an article doesn’t have a photo or it doesn’t have a video or it might have one or the other and sometimes both but it is hard to tell until you actually click on the article to actually see. Another weakness is having articles with videos and the video automatically play when you go to read the article. Sometimes this can be really annoying as some people want to read the story before watching the video. I’m not a huge fan of pop ads or anything that pops up when on a news website when I’m trying to read a story. While this only happened once while on the website it was still a tad annoying. I think another weakness is that some people prefer paper as some people don’t want to be staring at the screen while reading the stories. Although there is a downside to papers as well, as they are filled with mostly stories from the day before. Another weakness is that after so many articles, you have to subscribe to the website if you want to continue reading articles. I did find at the bottom of the SMH website that they have the most read articles from that day from their website as well as the most read articles from three (3) other website. This makes me think, why are they advertising other news sites on their own website?